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OK let's fight for a while

Slayer: I am an elitist as well, and I am happy to not follow such a blind bunch as the Amiga Zealotry community. Sorry that you cannot see real facts and judge FAIRLY a computer, since, if you read my words, you'll realize that an A1 is a platform as viable/useable as any other, depending on your needs. I was just trying to do a fair, objective analysis of what it is, but you people just can't be objective, ever.

Please show me why I would buy this:
price = 500 UKP (EXCLUDING VAT)

When I can purchase this:
MacMini 1.25GHz PowerPC G4 / 256MB DDR333 SDRAM
ATI Radeon 9200 with 32MB DDR video memory / 40GB Ultra ATA hard drive / DVD+CDRW drive
price = 499.00 US DOLLARS

Sorry but it makes no sense to me, and I am glad of not being part of an "elite" that is fool enough to be assraped for inferior hardware with lackluster, amateurish software support.

Kriz, sorry if I fuck your dream up, but OS4 is something I clearly cannot define as "fun". Nice, maybe. But fun? Even less after watching that video. It shows, about the OS (what interests me) very little, too blurry. Damn shame. Thanks for the link though.

Oh, Slayer, one last thing. Stop pressing ENTER at the end of each line, it's annoying to read. But probably your superb Amiga browser doesn't know what the meaning of "wordwrap" is and I understand why you do this, for it happened in my Amiga. Still...
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