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don't bother leading the blind, let them wander in the


you started this thread and you're not getting an A1,
infact you're going to emulate a m68k... you should be
jailed for indecent speculation!


why knock yourself out conveying concepts the 'current'
Amiga users aren't interested in... although I must
say, I was taken back some when you said you wouldn't
be buying an A1... I guess there isn't that many of us
left that followed through with the dream...


I guess the Amiga has always just been my baby,
although I started an Amiga business with another user
in 1988, which should have made us very rich indeed ( a
long story why it didn't :P ) I've just continued to
upgrade etc etc etc, and paid so many thousands of
dollars over the years, you really don't want to know

I guess the idea of getting a 'new' Amiga is always
there for me and not hard to keep in touch with simply
because all I've ever used is Amiga's... I am typing
this on my A4000... I use 3 on a daily basis.

So forgive me when I can't exactly see the view about I
won't get this because it won't get me this amount of
backwards compatiability blah blah bloody blah... I
was not a user who wanted backwards compatiability,
infact it used to really f'ing annoy me when the models
were held back because of either price or

for instance, even if the A1 stopped dead in it's
tracks right now... the machine and its potential
would still do exactly what I want it to do... and
that is all you really should be worried about since
jesus, technology is so damn cheap this century there
is no such thing as having to have just one machine

I admitt I was and are still an elitest in many ways
and I'm quite happy that most of you will not be buying
into the A1

It's like back in late 1985 when the Amiga first came
out, there weren't many of us. So I'll enjoy the next
few years of bliss before history repeats itself.

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