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I don't think Commodore would have found a PPC solution that retained almost full compatibility with legacy Amiga stuff. I was still very supportive of Amiga Inc. in 1997, but I really got fed up and I never understood completely the whole new machine stufff. I always took for granted that EVERYTHING of the old Amiga would run in my new PPC machine! When I realized it was not the case, I abandoned the ship.
There is a solution for every problem. Never underestimate the power of Amiga engineers. They were working with peanuts, yet they were able for some amazing R&D, at least from the words of former engineers. Full compatibility is never possible even with modern PCs. I think though that a compatibility of 80% was possible and this is extremely high...

You are talking about something like the Siamese system... This actually existed to some degree...

@Bamiga2002's article

Impressive. OS4 uses AGA and paula and standard IDE... Akira, this is an example on how things could have worked back then... Yes, you have to rely on emulation that is slower than native 68k code, but with such a computer, you have 95% compatibility...

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