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hmmm overrated...

Zool & Superfrog - Good yes, sonic/mario beater they aint
Mortal Kombat - I have to swap the disk again!
Micro Machines - Ok it's fun but why a classic?
Agony - nice gfx, now what about the game?
Project X (actually I could substitute most team 17 games here like body blows)
Tower of Babel - was supposed to be successor to the Sentinel but I couldn't get into it


Obliterator - A great game if people could get used to the controls
TV Sports Basketball - The NBA Live before there was NBA Live!
Hostages - Counterstrike before Half Life came along
Lure of the Temptress - Probably most involving point & click game I ever played
Dune - the first one, great gfx, music, and a blend of RTS and Adventure!
Yo Joe - I know it got good reviews, but no one talks about it like zool & superfrog etc, yet I think it was the superior platformer
Utopia - The grand daddy of the modern RTS (while most ppl think it was Dune2)
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