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Zool was regarded as a "Sonic Beater" on reviews back at time. Which surely wasn't , that's why it's overrated. Zool 2, in the other side, is nearly the same quality of Sonic IMO (At least on gameplay side), though it doesn't play all that much like Sonic.

I don't think Apidya was SO popular. I think it didn't sell all that well, and it was shadowed by Project X that was released just a little bit after. Apidya got good reviews, but not as good as Project X, and never got half of the praise that Apidya had. Project X was a benchmark to compare amiga shmups, while Apidya was just forgotten with time.
Apidya was 3253247635789856 times better than Project X.

Now it's funny how I put Uridium 2 as UNDERRATED and someone else put it as OVERRATED.

It reminds me of a poll that Amiga Action had once... Zool was considered the best game of year, the 3rd worst game of year, and the 2nd most overrated game of year..WEIRD or what? .
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