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Originally Posted by Shoonay
Shoonay's bugreport #0001
Subject: Battle Circle
Theme: Screen centering

Alrighty just checked it a little, but couldn't get far couse of the in-game screen being way-too-up-in-the-sky/over the top of my monitor...
Could you do something about that? Could i do something about that, without moving the "steering wheels" of my monitor???
As a matter of fact, this starts with the title screen with that nice black & white drawing being too high and a bit too far on the left...

I would really like to center it without using them knobs - i've did that already many times, testing games and stuff...
When the game starts and your in the town view RIGHT CLICK the use the cursor keys to reposition the screen!

Also try

...On second look, the best display setup in WinUAE's display properties seems to be:

640x480x16 Horizontal Centering Scanlines Full Screen RTG

You may then not have to do any of the cursor bits. Let me know if this helps.
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