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Originally Posted by manicx
No worries Akira, I see what you mean and I see your perspective. However, you can't proclaim that Commodore wouldn't come up with a solution regarding PPC. You mentioned Apple but the Amiga team has been 10 times more capable of delivering proper hardware than them.
You have to realize, that Apple's solutin regarding 680x0 compatibility oin PPC machiens was SOFTWARE-driven, not at hardware level! All the OS that run under PPC (OS8.1 and up) had system-level emulaiton of the 680x0 CPU, in some sort of JIT thing or something. This would be very hard to implement regarding the Amiga, since it is a MUCH MORE COMPLEX machine.

I don't think Commodore would have found a PPC solution that retained almost full compatibility with legacy Amiga stuff. I was still very supportive of Amiga Inc. in 1997, but I really got fed up and I never understood completely the whole new machine stufff. I always took for granted that EVERYTHING of the old Amiga would run in my new PPC machine! When I realized it was not the case, I abandoned the ship.
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