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Originally Posted by Akira
If you* are a brand fuckhead like those who cum all over the screen when they read the word Commodore (see: Lemon64), you would be pleased. Personally I don't give two shits about the Commodore brand, it's all about the machine. I would have abandoned the platform nonetheless, remember people have moaned even with the slight incompatibilities that KS2 and KS3 brought, imagine switching to a machine that has almost zero compatibility?
Apple solved it easily with the switch to PPC since all they had to do is emulate the 680x0, in the case of the Amiga it gets more difficult and it would be hard to implement system-level emulation of the system, like the Classic environment in OS X.

(* with YOU I mean anyone, not manicx. I clarify this because I can see manicx's flame coming up :P)
No worries Akira, I see what you mean and I see your perspective. However, you can't proclaim that Commodore wouldn't come up with a solution regarding PPC. You mentioned Apple but the Amiga team has been 10 times more capable of delivering proper hardware than them. The problem with Commodore was that they went f**k all in financial terms and could do very little to develop that hardware. Ideas-wise, they were stars... I believe that even if they were around and were moving towards PPC or even better Coldfire, everything would still be an Amiga. You see everything from a retrospective which is understandable, but when I was going to all these Amiga shows in the late 90s, 90% of the people breath for a new Amiga model. Unfortunately for them, that model came out so late, that nobody can be arsed spending bucks for that. In the last couple of months, I spend nearly 500 euros to change every single capacitor and all crappy stuff in one of my beloved A4k + bought a new TFT monitor. I would never buy an A1 for the same money even though my dream was a new Amiga...
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