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Originally Posted by ST Dragon
Zool - This was no Sonic beater!
Uridium 2 - This game simply sucks
Zool surely was not a Sonic beater, but a fine platform game anyway. So you judge all Amiga games as "sonic beaters" or not? Then all Amiga gplatform games are shite, because NONE is a Sonic beater.

Now your remark about Uridium surely comes out of ignorance. Uridium is one of, if not only, the finest Amiga shmups to hit the machine, and an exclusiive one at that! The gameplay is super TIGHT and the random attack waves is something superb, and definitely very different from the same old "memorize everything" shit I am used to in shmups all over the history.

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UNDERRTED? THESE? Are you nuts? These are some of the most popular Amiga games.
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