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Originally Posted by Slayer
The A1 etc is really only for die hard old school Amiga users
I do not agree with this. A die hard OLD SCHOOL Amiga user will want a Classic Amiga. This is for the "current school" Amiga zealot, and those with a curious mind and will to try an alternate to the x86/Mac world.

I agree completely with pxscroll and find this to be a computer that falls short of everything. It has no compatibility with legacy Amiga hardware, and it doesnt have the needed apps to make it a REAL alternative to the x86/Wintel setup. As it is, the ONLY alternative to the Wintel setup is the Apple one, since it's he ONLY other platform that has the necessary support with established apps like the Adobe and Macromedia suites.

This is a fact, and it's foolish to deny it. No one says you CAN'T use an A1 but personally I rather have the support, I cannot afford having to use a non-standard program in my work. Yes I could use GIMP instead of photoshop, but no thanks, it's not affordable.

As a hobbyist computer, it's ok (a hobbyist willing to spend loads of money, though!)
Originally Posted by manicx
I also wonder what would happen if Commodore was not dead and was releasing a PPC Amiga in mid 90s. I also remember being in WOA99 where people were arguing all time about Amiga's decision to drop QNX. There are times that I feel as if the Amiga's biggest curse were its own users.
If you* are a brand fuckhead like those who cum all over the screen when they read the word Commodore (see: Lemon64), you would be pleased. Personally I don't give two shits about the Commodore brand, it's all about the machine. I would have abandoned the platform nonetheless, remember people have moaned even with the slight incompatibilities that KS2 and KS3 brought, imagine switching to a machine that has almost zero compatibility?
Apple solved it easily with the switch to PPC since all they had to do is emulate the 680x0, in the case of the Amiga it gets more difficult and it would be hard to implement system-level emulation of the system, like the Classic environment in OS X.

(* with YOU I mean anyone, not manicx. I clarify this because I can see manicx's flame coming up :P)

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