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Assassin - Trys to beat Strider but fails.
Body Blows - Again Trying to beat SF, with one button control system? Don't think so...
Banshee - Nice graphics but boring gameplay & no music
Elfmania - Nice graphics but only six fighters to choose from... hhhm I'll try something else
Project X - Awesome graphics, but it's cheap difficulty level make it very unplayable
Overdrive - I just didn't like this. Very boring
Zool - This was no Sonic beater!
Uridium 2 - This game simply sucks


Alien Breed SE '92 - This was the best AB imho. Best level layout & gameplay.
Myth - I loved the multiple locations & puzzles of this game. Graphics & animation are also great.
Street Fighter 2 (ECS) - I actually liked this.

The only think I liked in Turrican 1 better than 2, was the 360 degrees Electricity-Lazer beam. Looked & sounded a lot more sinister than the 360 riple thing in Turrican 2.

Any links to alien bash 2?
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