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Pyro, thanks for the link but I'd much prefer industry standard software that is in development for many years, has large user base, help resources, guaranteed future support and updates.

Good work doesn't directly depend on the tool itself but when you're sprending you time and money to own and master a tool and are expecting profit in cash or otherwise, you have to make a decision between the established and new solutions. And don't read "established" simply as popular, they are the tools people have learned for years.

From my point <Hollywood vs. Director = Director wins easily> (if this is the right comparison) Again I don't mean that tool is useless, art effect isn't useless but it just cannot make someone drop fireworks or photoshop. There are already good programs that should be ported.

I promise I'll get a new "amiga" computer if it has any 3 adobe or macromedia tools or a post 8 version of lightwave and is affordable than at least a mac. That's a reasonable thing to ask for but I don't expect it to happen anytime. That's why I'm negative, not for the sake of bashing something.
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