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Originally Posted by Dastardly
Robocop 2 - Great arcadey side scrolling shooter
Yeah,I also think is underrated. It has lot of quality and is very funny. An enjoy to massacre some ppl. unfortunately it has some flaws in design and gameplay.

my lists:


Speedball2 - Itsnt an simulator,.. its frame rate is from an ST game. No variety in graphics. Always the same players graphics.

Banshee - Its quality is very high, but its playability is very bad. Just you feel nothing when play this one.

Project X - Not very attracting shoot´mup. Sometimes RicoHolmes graphics doesnt suit very good. Meanwhile AlienBreed graphics and title screen are perfect, in ProjectX do not works.

Myth - I prefer it on C64 or the different speccy version.

ChuckRock2 - Its nice, but seems an unfinished product.


Z-Out - is smooth, is funny, is R-Type alike. The musics are terrific. The only negative points are weirdness of graphics and some weapons at some points.

ShadowDancer - Cool multidirectional scroll. very big sprites, just one disk. This game is the one of best of amiga.

Wolfchild - Very good platformer, with nice animations and cool tunes. sometimes lacks of more colour but..

Volfied - didnt got good reviews. But I think is a faithful conversion and very addictive.

Whizz - I think this is underrated because it got really low ratings (10 or 30 %) well, itsnt the better of the games but do not deserve so low score.
Maybe that review was about the ECS version, which Ive never played.
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