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You guys are barking up the wrong tree... the A1 is not
an intrusion into your emulation experience...

it is a valid choice in the modern cpu market... all
machines start somewhere...

it's really just for us old school users who wanted to
see there Amiga go forward... I will not be emulating
an Amiga on it but I will at some stage cross compile
on it for the classic Amigas...

I do have 30 of them you know...

I don't understand the point you're making about the
A1 emulating the older Amiga... it's a modern machine
why the F shouldn't it? It's for people like yourselves
who want one modern machine to do it all... so there'll
be A1 owners who don't have a real classic machine
and nothing else... so, there you go...

and just remember,

"Amiga" as such is more about 'spirit' and a 'lifestyle'
than hardware...

adios :P
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