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WTG for having your A1 already... I've been waiting a bit
but I'll have one early April... I'm getting a few bits
added to the spec C model including 1 gig simm...

The only thing I guess I'll be needing that much ram
for is avi editing...

will upgrade to 1.4 processor later this year...

Funny how I never saw this thread or did I? heh...

anyway, I have about 30 Amiga system but only use

this a desktop A4000, 060, 80 megs ram, 60 gig harddrive

the A4000T beside it... 060, 233mhz PPC, 128 megs ram
60 gig harddrive

the 1200 over there... 060, 128 megs ram, 2 meg harddrive

they all have zip drives etc and other things like
sound cards and such...

like your site also Murakami... catch ya rnd...
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