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Interesting thread.

Here's a couple of games that I find underrated

1: Fast Lane by Artronic which was an excellent Group C racing game with some realistic aspects to it as well which definitely set it apart from other amiga racers. I think this may be the best racing game the Amiga has to offer.

2: Sidewinder by Arcadia. That's by far (IMHO) the greatest arcade shooter ever. Also excellent (stress relief) game for when you just want to blow stuff up!

3: Rogue Trooper by Crysalis. Take Obliterator (another excellent title) crank up the violence and add flight elements all in an easy to use interface and you got this awesome game.

4: Starglider 2 by Argonaut: Let's face it this game was constantly relegated to sulk in the shadows of Elite. But before Frontier showed up it had some aspects that really set it apart as a more complete game.

5: Mercenary series by Novagen: It crops up from time to time but not nearly as much is I'd like. These games really got you thinking (and writing stuff down a lot). For example for Damocles stopping a comet from slamming on a planet is no small task in 3 hours but it sure makes for some good fun.

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