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Lionheart is displaying an amount of 176 colours on the first level for example,

but i didn't verify on later levels, but it's really really big for a stock A500 to display so much color.

also notice that the sprites are are very well animated, the sound is just beautiful,
deep to hear. And the game runs smooths at something like 50 fps. the screen scrolls
like if water was between the screen glass and the game itself.
Don't forget Lionheart also make heavy use of 3D routines !!!!

I bet Akira will say, 'ok but hey look the colors in the background, it's raster colors,
an old amiga trick haha'. Well no matey, in fact raster colour are only small or big lines
of colours and here you can notice some kind of 'Water plants' which are drawn on the
rasters. In fact it's a 3D display like the one you can find in the game Unreal.

Of course there are 3D routines in later levels, which are brillantly used ^^. But it's not a simple trick of paralaxes + rasters. check Beast for instance, you can see paralaxes strippes on the bottom of the screen. Check on lionheart, you can't count
them ^^
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