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Originally Posted by spiff
Quit keys are nice.. but what annoys me the most is the recent usage of kickstart emu/files and OSemu for most installs. Pretty much all of them are useless on CD32.. and I'm guessing most none expanded A600/A1200s.. where as the older JSTs or early WHD versions with file rips work great.
That's because most of the NDOS/MFM games have already been installed and only the Dos ones are left with lots of O/S calls. If there's only a few you can patch them but it's easier to use KickEmu. OSEmu is a cut down version of KickEmu and those installs are less reliable than KickEmu ones.

Originally Posted by DopPie
Agreed, but just an annoyance is different from "that software is useless" or "the one that programmed that is useless" which is a bold personal attack to the programmer (which is not me because I have yet to make a whd install )
If you're going to spend say 5-10 hours patching a game, why not do it properly? To add the quit key legally usually takes no more than one minute. One minute extra out of a 5 hour install is not much extra effort is it? I stand by my comments that it's useless programmers that don't add it when they've done all the other work. Failing to patch the keyboard routine usually means they don't fix the keyboard acknowledgement delay which makes the keyboard screw up and stop responding eventually (on all Amigas, not just 68000's - and the bug is present in probably 90% of games made before say 1993).
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