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Originally Posted by Akira

I don't understand wht they fucking keep insisiting in relating themselves to the AMIGA COMPUTER community.
Their move is logical, in their way of thinking. Their entire existance depends on how they can delude ex amigans who have the word "amiga" deep in their memories but don't have a clue about the current situation. expects their pity. They expect to be perceived as "the amiga", the brand as they think, made the games listed in the linked site, hol. Someone with this mindset will support them thinking that they were the guys running the gaming world in the 90s.

I believe creating as many victims as detailed above is's business plan. This is not new, true but their attempt to abuse hol is new. They are trying to earn real cash by cheating people and they will greatly benefit the non commercial project namely hol.

Solution? Request money for that link! I don't understand why RCK is so happy. Don't you see it man? You or hol isn't benefitting from this. Amiga inc. does.
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