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A1200 towered with mediator:

-voodoo3 2000+pinnacle PCTV+ethernet+spider II.
-blizzard060+scsi-kit+32 mb fast.
-epsn printer and iiyama pro 410 17"

amiga since A500 1.2 (maybe 15 years ago), after A500+, after A1200 towered with ZIII bus micronik+PIV.

work at job with 3gHZ+ PC with 2go memory and big graphic card for making 3D mecanical design and details 8 hours/day but I'm verry happy after to switch on my amiga and see a great OS for 50 mhz, for sure.

PC at job often crash, freeze or slow with big 3D assembly and It's so funny to see that and see loading winNT with just the 3D software take 1go of memory.

Hum, I can't stop describing my great pleasure with PC stuff at job sorry.

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