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As of SF2...
Isn't it playable with 1 button only?
I'm afraid I can't do anything against the prob!
I'm no programmer (yet) and those remapping-tools only do work
with stuff which takes use of WB (i.e. multitasking). Please correct me if I'm wrong...
I use the jst4, which is the latest version which exists I think (4.8c or similar?). SOTB3 uses this, too and it works on a cd32, so I think
this jst-version is OK...
SF2 doesn't work from within the menu
(probably doesn't like the RAD
You have to press two joypad-buttons on bootup (I think PLAY&RED)
and the game will (hopefully) load...
Jst-starter only didn't work:
before I put c:44k
and "avail flush" in the script and this worked....
The Tooltypes for jst were like nocaches novbrmove hdload
(may be wrong, as I'm in netcafe and might not remember correctly...)
Not 100% but I think the LOWMEM tooltype doesn't work on the CD32...

BTW: I'll finish the 888 today, and tomorrow it'll leave here
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