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I've contacted the WHDload support to know why SF2 doesn't recognize the CD32 pad buttons ( it recognize directions ) .He said to me that the game has a self routine to detect the joypad and the only way to modify this is to rewrite the installer.

So for now i think i can't go further......

@Rebel :

It seems that those who wants to play it on CD32 just have to plug a Genesis Pad (wich is similar to a Competition Pro Pad but is recognize as a basic 2 button joystick) and it works

I've try to fix the CD32 pad bug with SetJoyport with no result cause the game don't use lowlevel.library

If Frostwork have a trick to fix this it will be great and he will be the great winner of the champ


Wich version of JST do you use to run SF2?????

Cause there's 2 version of JST that run on UAE but not on a real CD32
They're the JST3 and JST4 version of you CD32-444:c/ (don't remind wich version of JST they are..)

The ONLY one i've found that is able to run SF2 on UAE and on a real CD32 is the JST 0.8 version ( long search to find this one... )
I don't know if you own it but i think it can perhaps help you to run some other games too..............
Here's a link for it (Really good link this time... ) :

Good Luck Frostwork


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