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ActualyTin if you fully read my first monologue you will see I DID exactly that but companies like to simplify these days , to prevent the old " high street" quote scam where a repair company would give a high quote above the cost and split the difference with the customer [ or NOT as the case may have been.

By having a single assesment centre they know they are satisfiying their legal requrement of contract but also saving money.

If i had NOt taken the time to argue the amiga's special nature i would not be in the position of sending tham quotes for her parts repacement costs , instead I would have been sent an NEW Pc and my poor miggy would be in a skip [ after some sharp eye tech or inteligent member of cleaning staff had stripped her good bits and put them on e-bay]

Now you suguest i scam the Innsurer Ant512 ? tut tut sir , you are obviously the reason premiums are so high LOL

In the end fixing it yourself is where I am at the problem as allways is getting the money to do it and that is the point of this thread
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