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Atari Flashback joysticks...?

Yesterday I saw this little device which has a bunch of games built in but, unlike most of those "into-a-joystick" retro console remakes, this one is like a mini console with joysticks with cable attached to it. To my surprise I found out the joysticks are pluggable and they have the same old 9 pin Sub-D connector of Atari joysticks!

So I was wondering if these joysticks would work in any system with Atari-compatible joystick ports. Did anybody tried them? They are small joysticks really (seems to me they are made more for the hand of a kid) but I always liked that original Atari model (I have one myself) and these joysticks would be convenient to take to places since they are small.... Also one could use original Atari joysticks with the console, if they are compatible.

Pic of the retroconsole:

Pic of the original joystick design (Atari 7800? I forgot):
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