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Hmm. I have a question.

How does the insurance figure it was a PC? Hopefully if you avoid teh word computer, they never make the computer=PC decision.

Whats to stop if they think they've figured it's a PC tell them it's absolutely NOT a PC. Not "it's a different type of PC that some nimrod PC engineer won't be able to fix", but it's absolutely NOT a PC. A PC fixing centre will not be able to fix something that's not a PC. Do you want me to send my telly to the PC fixing centre as well?

Hmmm. pity, suppose that's a pretty hard argument to have, but I'd be willing to give it a go!

Anyway onto your insuirance problem - I would be having a MASSIVE row with the insurers right now, and demanding a hell of a lot more than just putting your miggy back to rights!
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