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I'm glad people like it. I didn't really see it as having any kind of appeal to most people. I would have thought it was the kind of game that only appeals to those who have an interest in words.

Akira, keep the bug reports coming! I started writing this a couple of years ago then for some reason stopped. When I started again I'd forgotten what half of the code did so tracking down bugs is pretty difficult! I've tacked the high score name input on at the last minute as well so it doesn't look or work as intended (but it does work). Version 1 was written in 1993 when I was at school (!) and basically was just a low res 4 colour screen using text and no graphics. It was so slow as to be almost unplayable and it's word searching was abysmal (about 10 seconds to check a full line!). This latest version (V6) bears no resemblance at all to V1!

In the read-me I said this is the final version...but...I think I've thought of a way to have a 2 player version! I also want it to be able to use foreign language dictionaries and I also think I can implement another type of word game I like playing...dunno if you've heard of the GBA / online game called Bookworm. Maybe having skins is an option...

Well, I've got loads of new ideas...but seeing as people like this one, a bug fix release / new high score input version should be available by next week.

BTW, the point of the game is to arrange the falling lettered blocks into words - simple as that. When you make a word it may trigger off one of the 'arcade' elements but that's all covered in the read-me file.

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