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Originally Posted by woodshed57
However instrument and " ON THe ROAD " innsurance falls into two catorgries
Seems that you know what I'm talking about. My work is akin to that of a band playing, alas, when I take the most gear out of my studio, is with mu audiovisual set 8GB. I didn't know I had to insure it for the road AND during the gig at the venue!!! I will have to look deep into this, and maybe hire a roadie

Lots of our stuff we hire, but our basic stuff is not possible to hire (for example my SX-64 or a Gameboy (!?)) so in the case of 8GB we're stumped at taking most of our shit to the place. Sound System, Video Projectors, Video Mixers and the like, all get hired by the promoter on our request. But everything relying in our performance spot is our exclusive property and responsibility, and working in the club scene, it's normal for some asshole to trip on nothing and spill his drink in your notebook's keyboard.
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