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ahem, when I say "modern" pc, I don't mean the ultra-expensive ultra-fast pc... I ment the average pc, that by now, it will use a 6600 geforce card... I should write more clearly... but really, I still doubt that the ultra-fast pc could accomplish all the effects a ps2 can... things like rain, fires, complex transition fx are a piece of cake for the ps2, but not for a pc. keep in mind that the ps2 has only 4MB vram, but these 4MB are installed directly into the gpu, like a cpu's cache... change a few registers, and voila! spectacular fx.... perhaps with a new directX version, these will be added too... take for instance the xbox... mainly a pc, with a geforce3... can a celeron/gf3 pc run games of similar quality? NO.
for now I am happy playing games on both plattforms
but what I wanted to say is that I think that the MD is more powerfull than a normal amiga... and I compared it to a pc-ps2... I did not mean to go that off-topic, but i did...
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