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Bring on more stupid comparison

= Genesis sprites are bigger. Apidya etc. had sprites as small as pinheads, dunno what you are talking about. And in most caes, what you see as a huge boss sprite is just a bunch of sprites held together, every machine worked like this.
= Genesis can shove more sprites onscreen than the Amiga without slowdown or flickering (more hardware prites)
= Genesis can display 64 UNIQUE colors onscreen without much of a slowdown. Halfbrite is but a joke, and using copperlists to change the palette is not the same as having that same ammount of UNIQUE colours useable ANYWHRE on screen (all it can do decently is shading). This said before you claim garbage about Lionheart etc.
= Both had almost the same resolution games-wise, the fact that the Amiga can display 320x512 or 640x512 doesn't mean that resolution is USEABLE by any game.
= Last but not least the Genesis works in a tile-based manner, which is eons faster than the shitty Amiga bitmap mode.
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