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I dont have my amiga's insured. I just pray nothing bad happens to them. I got quite a nice A1200 here (at least I think). But as for repairs I feel like I'm on my own. Never will I send it to a computershop for repairs. Not even an Amiga shop (vesalia has never heard of ESD you know). Lucky for me we have alot of equipemt at work to find the fault and replace a defective component. (Even SMD (or SMT whatever)). As long as there are no BGA's on the board you can repair alot.

Anyway I think ensurance companies stink. My previous car ensurance company prooved theyt could not count till 2 (had to explain on the phone 2003-2005=2 not don't wanna know). SO go get them! Sue them! The bastards.....ok I let myself go there....good luck anyway.
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