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well Akira you underline the point I make at the end of my VERY LONG thread
And Jimmijo adds to it by saying its advisable to have photographs and documentation with copies to supply to the insurer for " Rare or Expensive" equipment in your home .
This proves you had it in the first place and allows for these articles to be named within your policey

However instrument and " ON THe ROAD " innsurance falls into two catorgries your vintage Fender Rhodes electric piano may be covered in your home but it requires seperate innsurrance while it is in transit and ADDITIONAL coverage once you set up in a venue, adding up to THREE sets of innsurance for the same item

The priemium cost for on the move insurance is skyrocketing every year , to ridiculus hieghts and these days it would be cheaper to hire a personal roadie for your treasure who's arse you can at least kick if some punter even breathes on it

This is why so many who play big concerts in UK Hire their sound rigs , lighting etc as its cheaper than owning , maintaining and insuring it and then you only have to look after your group kit with aforementioned staff , its a costly process touring these days and its why so many artists admit they don't make much money on it.

But the Innsurance companies do

One thing Jimmijo I don't accuse every tech in this world of being incompetent , but in penny pinching companies that pay peanuts , what else do they employ besides dumb animals ?
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