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AMIGA VS Genesis

As for AMIGA VS Genesis, they both had the same 68000@7.14 Mhz CPU (Genesis @ 7.61Mhz). The Genesis used a VDP (Video Display Processor) dedicated video display processor for playfield and sprite control, 3 Planes, 2 scrolling playfields 1 sprite. It could produce maximum 80 (32 x 32 size) sprites & a pixel resolution of 320 x 224, but I don't know the exact tech specs of the multiple OCS & ECS graphics chipsets found in most A500 to A3000 to compare them to this?

The AMIGA had a larger resolution if Iím not mistaken.

Also The Genesis had 64K VRAM & 64K general purpose RAM, where as the AMIGA had 512K Ė 1MB RAM but I donít know about VRAM?

Somebody can enlighten me on these...

Genesis could show 64 colours on screen out of a 512 colour palette where as the AMIGA had 32 or 64 Half-Bright colours on screen out of a 4096 colour palette.

Some AMIGA games that utilized huge sprites like Agony, Apidya, Project X, Disposable Hero, etc... I don't think were possible on the Geny.

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