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Originally Posted by Bamiga2002
Yeah these may be treating common pc stuff as "crap", throwing cards around etc. and then use this method on Amiga stuff too! Goddamn morons! They don't respect amigas a shit (or even users) really, whenever i go to a computer shop to buy something for amiga and when asked i say for my AMIGA if you wanna know, and then comes the silent laughter .

Rot in pieces ignorant sellers of pc shit, yeah!
I realize you're pretty darn passionate about Amiga's there, but some of use actually worked and/or built micro's from the 70's, like me for instance

My first experience was messing about with trash 80's, model I/II's and some Osborne and Kaypro CP/M boxes.

I will say my first real love was my A500 for sure
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