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Some of you know tht 6 weeks ago I had a household disaster when the upstairs toilet flush tank sprang a leak from the cold water supply.

The result causing it to flood water through the floor down into the dining room below right onto my Amiga tower and work area

Now OK you say thats SAD but its not life and death is it ? because you have home innsurrance and all can be taken care of right ?

WRONG the innsurrance company insist you send your " Precious " machine into THEIR authorisd repair workshop to be assesed or "FIXED" , so you inform them on how special your machine is and how unlikely it is that any PC shop is going to have eiether the knoledge or the parts to achieve eiether result.

But they the innsurer INSIST or you invalidate your claim , so you write a nice 9 page instruction letter , you write in BIG WORDS on HER THAT YOU WANT HER BACK IF THEY CANNOT FIX HER , make a PC readable CD containing ALL the data about your machine and its specialist boards including pin out and power supply details [ You even send them an AMIGA specific mouse because they won't have a compatable one ] you carefully pad the inside to protect it in transit and fully wrap the outside to prevent shock damage .

Then you await the carrier and tearfully wave goodbye to your machine then the torment begins . Five days later you recieve a letter asking for your permission to DISPOSE of the machine so they can authorise a brand NEW PC to be sent to you .

NOW the real panic begins can't these people read ? did they not listen to the phone calls you made before you sent it ? you call again and they promise its ok they will send her back BUT you must pay for the carrier so you authorise it and then you wait.....

3 weeks and 29 phone calls later you get a package......A huge box ''you hope" that your beloved machine is well as it looks like a safe parcel ,then you open the box.

Inside you imediatley notice the front panel is missing blanking plates and is smashed , then you open her up and find , that all her boards and even the RAM sticks have been left LOOSE rattling round in the bottom of the tower case .

You can't believe it you look again and see more burnt cables than there were when you sent her in the first place " WHAT THE F**K HAVE THEY DONE ?" you scream .

So after trying not to vent your anger on the wrong person you get on the phone to the innsurer and through gritted teeth tell them your worst nightmare , that you explained you feared before she was taken away has come into reality , your machine has been "INDECENTLY BRUTALISED BY PC MORONS "

Who not knowing what to do have just thrown all the bits together like so much trash , as for reading your letter or looking at the CD , NO WAY read an FAQ or FACT sheet Their expert PC techs , they don't need to read do they ?

So my point is this , I will be billing the innsurer for A LOT MORE REPLACEMENT parts than I should have had too , and this warning for all of you .

Innsurrance may cover the cost of replacing ordinary items but make sure you keep your miggy on a seperate part of the cover and explain it as a seperate item , otherwise you to may have to suffer the torment of seeing your machine abused.

I will rebuild BUT this means its going to be a lot LONGER BEFORE I FINISH
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