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Originally Posted by keropi
either you have not seen a ps2 game in action, or u are fanatic against it
really, I have a 5600FX on a 2600XP, and a ps2... the graphics and effects of the ps2 are UNBELIEVABLE... my FX at least cannot reproduce them without dropping the speed a LOT, and in many cases looking the same game on the pc and ps2 (punisher, prince of persia warrior within, onimusha, nfsu2 etc) makes you wonder if a FX5600 really worths its money, considering that I payed for it the same as the ps2...
maybe with the new 6800GT card you can have the same results, but the ps2 was released 5 years ago, and a 6800 costs about 4-5 ps2's ...

Fanatical against it? No.

I used to install mod chips & service PS-2, Xbox & PS-1 at my previous work.

I also own a PS-2 & quite a few original games.

Your computer isn't exactly top notch.

That graphics card you got has been reported to be even worse than a GForce4 Ti 4200 is some games. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was those games that you mentioned.

There is no way a PS-2 can achieve the number of polygons, Bump mapping, 8x AA, dynamic Lighting & other advanced effects produced by fairly modern PCs, even with frame lose.

The PCs having to waste a lot of resources on the OS will result in reduced performance in term of FPS compared to the PS-2, but any old GF3Ti500 vastly surpasses it in graphics quality. (Far Cry getting 60FPS on high quality)

Now if you remove all those cool graphical features from PC games, you can have PS-2 looking graphics at constant 60FPS on the PC.

When PS-2 was released in 2000 everybody noticed its disability to produce hardware AA effects unlike the DC which was released in 1998! This was fixed by SONY only a year later when software AA routines were introduced but with great FPS lose!

Even the PS-2 can't maintain constant 60FPS in games like R-Type Final, Gradius III-IV, Gradius V which are supposed to be its domain.

Shikigami No Shiro 2 looks better on the PC compared to the PS-2.

PS-2 is a cool machine but not as powerful as the PC, X-box & GC.
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