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dlfrsilver: By the way guys, Lionheart on level for example is using nothing less than 677 colors on screens at the same moment.....

guess about turrican 3 the amiga was dying and the megadrive was a secured platform
on these days...... if you looks carefully, you'll see that they just have cut and paste graphic blocks with less colors.....To me it sounds they have done a quick and fast conversion, as the amiga could handle the game like it was on megadrive really...

Conclusion: Money, money, is a rich men's world
Turrican 3 was 1st released on the AMIGA & then for the Mega Drive so they couldn't have copied & pasted from the MegaDrive to Amiga.
MEga Turrican was the enhanced AMiga version.

keropiIt: would not be strange IMHO that the MD would be better in specific features... after all it was intended to use as a gaming machine, not as a computer...
take a ps2 and a modern PC... still the ps2 is better in gfx...
Don't exaggerate.
Ps-2 can't even match to an old GeForce3 Ti 500 let alone handle something like Doom 3, HL2, Far Cry.

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