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Originally Posted by RoKo
Turrican 3 was not downgraded to fit on one disk. There is a comment about this from Peter Thierolf, he did it merely for fun.
You are wrong. I still have a mail from one of the guys that did the programming and he told me that.

Originally Posted by RoKo
Universal Soldier actually was Turrican 2. It was developed by the Code Monkeys (like Turrican 1 for Game Boy, PC Engine and Mega Drive) and when it was almost finished, somebody at Accolade (the publisher) decided to change it to Universal Soldier.
I own the game for the Mega Drive and it is a) done by Ballistic and b) NOT Turrican 2. They used the same engine (because Ballistic did almost all console conversions of Turrican) and they used 4 levels from Turrican 2, that's all. Most of the game differs from Turrican 2.
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