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To begin with, you need to use more than one long sentence so that your problem can be easier understood.

Next, you need to read the announcements on the board. At the top of this section (> Problems > Emulators) is an Announcement at the very top. It states clearly to please read, which you should do. It has a link in there to the Amiga emulation FAQ which can answer most newbie questions like yours. My guess is you need the F12 key, but it also sounds like you need more help than this, as additional issues will follow if you are not familiar with Amiga emulation.

The Announcement is here:

and the Amiga Emulation FAQ is here:

In closing, when you are having a problem and request help here, try to give more useful information about the issues you are experiencing. You gave the emulator and version number in the subject field, which is good, but it's unclear which ROM, which WB/OS, and what exactly you are trying to run. Are you trying to install a game? To a hard drive? An HDF file? If so, do you have a HD setup? It's impossible to help without more information on what it is you're trying to do.
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