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Originally Posted by alexh
Most LCD / TFT monitors can have a 60Hz refresh rate. There are even one or two that can sync as low as 50Hz refresh.

I'd recommend looking for the latter if you intend to use an Amiga.

Adding "wait for vsync" will eliminate tearing but it will *NOT* get rid of the jerkyness. The only way is an exact multiple of the original frame rate.
What's the "latter"?

If every TFT is fixed for a native resolution, then they will suck for 2D games & Emus!

I've read this at another forum:

The big thing that makes LCDs somewhat unsuitable for 2d games is the fact that they can only run in one resolution. So unless the game you're playing runs in the same res as your monitor's native resolution, you're going to get nasty scaling effects. These bother some people more than others, but personally I can't stand them. If you're emulating, you're pretty much going to be okay as long as you can scale the image to an integer multiple of the original resolution, but you likely won't get a fullscreen display that way. Also keep in mind that scaling the image is going to be slow compared to running a game at its native res. On my machine, for example, Psikyo games start dropping frames if I scale them more than 2x.
One feature I would like in a TFT monitor, is being able to to tilt the screen 90 degrees verticaly.
I would like to play Ikaruga vertical & some other shmups in Mame without having to strecth the display.

Which one can?
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