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Ok i've find two tools on Amint wich could be interesting : SetJoyPort and Fakepad

SetJoyport force the lowlevel.library to accept joypad or mouse or joystick on the specified port whenever it's another controller in the port

FakePad seems to simulate a standard joystick instead of the Cd32 pad

For now i will stop the devellopement of SF2 cause i don't have a keyboard on my CD32 for now ( but i will receive one soon ;-) ) and i'm wasting a enormous numbers of CD's for testing my settings (cause WinUAE don't work like a REAL CD32 and the joypad problems can only be seen by testing on the real cd32), so i wil continue as soon as my keyboard arrive

So to Frostwork or another guy who knows a way to emulate a joystick on a cd32 joypad :

Good luck and i'll be right right back as soon as possible to finish this game ;-)
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