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Originally Posted by pxscroll
Are desktop TFTs like laptop ones? Made for a specific resolution, sucky with others.
Yes. All TFT's have a native resolution. Above or below that resolution the panel scales the data up or down using a filter. The quality of the filter varies from panel to panel but it is usually comparable to bilinear filtering i.e. makes things look smudged.

One thing I like is that low refresh rate isn't unhealthy with TFTs as opposed to CRTs.
I think unhealthy is the wrong word.

Low refresh rates can cause eye strain and headaches. 60Hz is the recommended minimum.
Televisions are 25 / 50Hz (PAL) and people watch them for a lot longer than they do a monitor. It's all context based i.e. what is being displayed.

You have to be sensitive to frequencies to get headaches from screen refresh, you'd be amazed how many people CANNOT see the flicker of a 60Hz CRT screen.

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