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TFT/LCD Monitors & 2D games 60FPS/ 120HZ

I want to buy a TFT monitor.

I’ll be using it mainly for games, 3D PC games & 2D emulators.

At the moment I’m using a 17” EIZO CRT F55S.

When I play 2D Emu games, MAME, NEOGEO, Capcom, SNES, genesis, etc…which are at 60FPS, I have to set the display at 120HZ or else the video will appear dithering & there will be jerky, tearing effects in horizontal scrolling. (Example: the Intro in Super Contra III, the horizontal scrolling letters “Alien Wars” are jerky at 75HZ)

But at 120HZ everything is smooth.

I noticed that most TFT monitor’s refresh rate don’t go over 75HZ so is there going to be dithering & tearing in the video display when I play games in MAME & other 2D games at 60FPS?

Also the response time in TFTs is considerably larger than CRT monitors (12-25ms)

Will that also degrade 2D & 3D gaming experience?

How about this:

EIZO 17'' L550


I found this at a shop for 399 Euros / 534$ is this price ok?

Or this:

EIZO 17'' L551


Thanks in advance.
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