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Level 6 isn't set out like the other disks, if you want that one, you'll have to contact me so we can work out how to get a copy to you. The other disks, without all the dms files WinRared to less than 2mb, so I'll put them on the Zone for you. BAscally, the archive is a self executing file - you'll get four folders, 17bita, 17bitb, 17bitD and 17bit 5. Make a directory in each folder called "files" and copy all your DMS archives to the relevant "files" directory. That is, copy all dms files for disk a into a directory "files", in the 17bita folder. Do the same for the other three 17bit folders.

Burn each folder (the 17bita etc) to a CD and there ya go! I'll post anything else I may think of in the meantime here.......

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