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Originally Posted by Adeptus
Must say I like the place
I'd say we have more of a European feel than the eastern states.
Remember the name of the place? Might be worth a look, see if his prices have come down (& if he has any A1200s! )
It does have a much more European feel to it!! A definite German influence with Hahndorf, its fab!!

Don't know the name of the place but looking at a map of adelaide I'll try to give you directions here goes.

driving along Cross road towards Anzac Hwy, it will be on your LHS.
The shop front is on Cross road and should be after Goodwood rd but just before South rd. Its a corner store. It does _not_ have any amiga signs out the front. It looks like yet another small PC store. I'd need to get a more detailed map to tell you on the exact corner its on and come to think
of it here is one:

So based on that map it should be on the corner of Ilford rd and cross rd.
I hope thats it, its been a little while. Tell us how you go. good luck
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