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Originally Posted by Miggy2TheMax
yeah I'm in Melb, almost tempted to drive there, unfortunately too much of a hike. Last year I was travelling through Adelaide, must say the food/wine there is fab,
love the chill out atmosphere, fantastic sandstone buildings, great ppl too.
Must say I like the place
I'd say we have more of a European feel than the eastern states.
Will have to make it a working holiday next time. btw I found a store there that sells 2nd hand amigas, unfortunately way too expensive. I think the guy had plenty of 500s and a couple 2000s. He wanted around $250AU for a stock 2000, ahh well you cant win them all.
Remember the name of the place? Might be worth a look, see if his prices have come down (& if he has any A1200s! )
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