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Got my BPPC, now what soft/drivers/libs to install?

I got my BPPC yesterday, I decided not to take the phase5 model, but a DCE which is rev2 so my G-Rex will work nicely with it
The first thing to do was to remove my p5 1260 and insert the BPPC... wow! I saw an instant speed increase in OS3,9 although I did not change any libs... could be from the 060 running at 60mhz instead of 50...
Ok, my big Q is: I will re-install OS3,9 (I have some stuff to cleanup, so I'll wipe the partition clean) but then what do I need to install? I have a PPC System Disk with updated 2001 040/060 libs, I suppose the installer also installs ppc ones? after that? do I need to install WarpOS? I tried to run the update to wOS 5.1 , it completed OK, but it said that it would install library xxxxxx and there was no installed version, so I guess warpOS was not installed...

Excuse any errors I made, it is 07:30 pm now, I am @ work
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