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ah yes, Chicken dialer 2.05, Arested Dialer workshop 004b, Roxbox 5.72, Roxbox 6.68

sounds like Chile .

Ah yes party lines,

bitch on the recording 'I've never sucked two cocks at once before'


Although Citibank Venezuela was always hard to break.

But I guess the BSA couldn't really bust postal address's. You'd would have thought they would of teamed up with BT, and busted the BBS Numbers, but I guess that is what the disclaimer was for before you logged in.

Only bbs's I was on was, Beyond Reality, Electric Warrior, Wrath of Kahn.

I could never get onto Sal-ones Boon Docks. And well zolly kicked me from Spaced out cos all i wanted to do was leech old games for 80s -93 era. And sysops don't like leechers . As if t-files count as 0day amiga uploads
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