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Originally Posted by frostwork
Hi, flink!

>I'm an Amiga fan since the very beggining, having had from the original >A500 all the way up to my beloved and trusted A4000T (with a Warp >Engine and a Retina BLT Z3 in it, too

I still have my A4000,CyberstormPPC 233/60,GRex4000D,Voodoo3 3000,
FastlaneZ3 about 200 MB RAM a.s.o.... too
But it isn't used anymore since I have my Pegasos....
And,yes Linux simply rules!
I have several distros available in my boot-menu
But my favorite is debian...
You have an amigahd and want the data transfer to your mac?
You should consider buying a Pegasos
If you want to send me your HD, I could do it for you of course,too!

As of suggestions:

YES, Flink is one of the titles I forgot 2 posts before....
(without cdda-audio)
I'll try Nexus7! If it works a not so good one will banned

Hi frostwork!

The idea is to create a new HD (like installing Workbench and all) on the PC through an emulator and then transfer it to the Amiga. I still have the old WB disks, but they are damaged... since I have only my CD32 working, this seems like the quickest way to get the A4000 working again.

I will buy a new micro AmigaOne as soon as I can afford it. I'll be doing some development on it to support this new baby.

In the meantime, your 888 seems great! Hope I can get my hands on it someday, I really am after Flink on the CD32 to show it off to my nephew.

Thanks again!
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