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Lightbulb Using WHDLoad on CD32 Game-CD ?

Hello @ all,

I recently bought my first CD32 - of course I am using Amiga since 1986 (500, 2000, 1200 which I extended). Now I found out, that the 200-Games CD isn't available anywhere, so I decided to make my own.

I downloaded the Developer Package for CD32 and CDTV, installed on MaxUAE and compiled a few games. All together launch-able through ArcadeGameSelector

I soon found out, that many of them won't work (or even work only 20-80 percent). But a few are working

I noticed, that the ones which are NOT working are mostly WHDLoad Games using more than 1 or 2 Disks. For example "Blood Money" loads Disk 1 completely, when the screen with th request for Disk 2 appears, the CD32 starts loading and loading and loading... (orange LED flashes).

But some WHDLoad Games are only 1-Disk'ed AND won't work - for example Nicky Boom 2).

Any idea how to get them work?
Perhaps less memory?

Kind regards, Andi
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