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Originally Posted by spiff
Wonderboy = the arcadegame and the stoneage guy.
WB monsterland = WB 2 = The slow RPG like (C64 for most of you guys)

WB dragonstrap = WB III = Action RPG ala metroid. Dragonstrap had the great shapeshifting thingie, special locations that only one shape could reach.. and the tunes where brilliant. Looks good enough to be an amiga game most of the time as well..

Sega/west stone later released a lot of wonderboy games on the Megadrive/geneis with the names and numbers all mixed.. ie WBIII is the WBIII arcade game (side scrolling shooter), monsterland is some sort of WB2 remake and so on... none of them really where close to dragontraps amazing feeling of exploring..
Can Dragon's Trap be counted as pre-Amiga? It looked so good that I never realized that. Is certainly in my top-10-games-ever list.
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